A completed certification application package can be expedited so firms will not miss out on bidding opportunities that are due within 30 days. State agencies and/or Reciprocity Partners can also request an expedite for firms responding to solicitations.

Note: A written expedite request and a completed application package must be submitted a minimum of five working days prior to the bid due date.

To request a certification expedite, follow the instructions below.


  1. Complete an application (paper or online) including all required supporting documents. If an application has been submitted, only complete Step 2 & Step 3.

  2. FIRMS:

    A firm must send an email, fax or letter, which includes a justification for the expedite, their Legal Business Name and Certification ID number (if available).


    A Contracting Official may complete the Expedite Form below or send an email with justification for the expedite, firm's Legal Business Name, Certification ID number (if available), Bid Due Date, and contracting official's contact information.

  3. FIRMS:

    A copy of the State or Reciprocity Partner solicitation which indicates the bid due date and Contract Official contact information.

    • Solicitation should be in your firm’s line of business

    Note: If the Bid Due Date has passed, you must have justification and a written request directly from the Contracting Official.

    If you have not submitted an application, proceed to Step 4.

  4. The expedite package (including completed application, required supporting documents, written request for an expedite and a copy of the solicitation) can be sent by U.S. mail, fax, or hand-delivery:

    Department of General Services

    Office of Small Business & DVBE Services

    ATTN: BDD Unit

    707 Third Street, Room 400

    West Sacramento, CA 95605

    Fax: (916) 375-4950


    Note: An expedite request does not guarantee your application will be approved by the bid due date. Also, additional information and/or documentation may be required to be submitted.


Office of Small Business and DVBE Services

Department of General Services
Procurement Division

707 Third Street
West Sacramento, CA 95605


Phone: (916) 375-4940
Email: OSDSHelp@dgs.ca.gov