1. How do agencies find a CMAS contractor for the product and/or service they want to buy?

There is a CMAS search engine on the CMAS page that enables searching for a CMAS contractor. Go to Find CMAS Contractorthen select the “Find a CMAS Contractor.” Select “CMAS Search” to access a listing of search criteria.


2. How do I obtain a copy of a CMAS?

A copy of a CMAS and supplements, if any, can be obtained at caleprocure.ca.gov. A complete CMAS consists of the following:


  • CMAS cover pages (which includes the signature page, ordering instructions and special provisions, and any attachments or exhibits as prepared by the CMAS Unit)

  • CMAS Terms and Conditions

  • Federal GSA (or Non-GSA) terms and conditions

  • Product/service listing and prices

  • Supplements, if applicable.


3. How can I verify if the CMAS contractor gave me the current CMAS price or lower?

The maximum CMAS pricing is the same as the federal GSA price, which can be found on the GSA website. Go to: www.gsaelibrary.gsa.gov and enter the base GSA contract number in the search window. Then continue to look for the GSA contract until you get to the Contractor Information page. Then click on the word Advantage! in red.  Then search for the price of the part you want.


4. How do I amend a CMAS purchase order?

The processes for amending CMAS purchase orders are detailed in the State Contracting Manual (SCM), Volume 2, Chapter 6 for non-IT orders; SCM, Volume 3, Chapter 6 for IT orders; and SCM, Volume FI$Cal, Chapter 5 for FI$Cal orders.



5. Can a CMAS contractor provide products or services after the CMAS expires?

The purchase order can state that products and/or services will be provided after the CMAS expires, but only if the CMAS purchase order is issued prior to the expiration of the CMAS. No new purchase orders can be placed against an expired CMAS, and existing purchase orders cannot be modified after the CMAS expires.


6. Can resellers on a CMAS be used to meet the requirement to solicit 3 suppliers?



7. If the CMAS contractor is required to pay DGS the 1% incentive fee for local agency CMAS sales, will the local agency still be billed the DGS administrative fee?



8. If the CMAS contractor is a California certified small business and they accept a CMAS purchase order from a local government agency, is the 1.25% incentive fee waived?

Yes, the fee is waived if you are a California Certified Small Business.


9. Can the CMAS contractor charge local government agencies an additional one percent line item fee above the GSA prices on their CMAS to cover the incentive fee they must pay to DGS?

No. CMAS contractors who are not California certified small businesses must remit to DGS an incentive fee equal to one percent of the total of all local government agency orders (excluding sales tax and freight) placed against their CMAS.

CMAS contractors cannot charge local government agencies an additional one percent charge on a separate line item to cover the incentive fee.


10. How do State Agencies find the current DGS administrative fee applicable to CMAS orders placed with large businesses?

The current administrative fees can be accessed in the DGS Price Book. This fee is waived for State CMAS purchase orders issued to California certified small businesses.




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