This document provides potential CMAS contractors with tools to search for an appropriate Federal GSA schedule that meets the requirements for a CMAS application. Not all GSA schedules are acceptable as the base for a CMAS application.


All new CMAS applications, renewal applications (now supplement), and supplement requests will need to be submitted via the portal once portal goes live.  CMAS suppliers will need to create an account and log in to submit applications and supplement requests. If you have any questions concerning the new CMAS portal, please email the CMAS Unit at CMAS portal -

For a GSA schedule to be used as the base for a CMAS application, it must be active and posted at the GSA eLibrary. The eLibrary posting must include:

  • The current terms and conditions for the products and/or services offered
  • The current pricing for the products and/or services offered

The GSA eLibrary can be accessed at:

Things to consider when selecting a GSA:

  • All the products and/or services on a GSA schedule do not have to be offered.
  •  Services such as installation, maintenance, and repair must be priced in the base GSA schedule in order to be included on a CMAS.
  • The base GSA schedule pricing is the maximum pricing allowed on a CMAS.
  • The CMAS term is based on the expiration date of the GSA schedule offered.

A complete GSA schedule consists of the following components:

  • Cover Page
  •  Ordering Instructions
  • Terms & Conditions, which are require to include:
    • Contract period (start and end dates)
    • Base contract number (GSA number)
    • IT GSAs must have SIN-specific Terms & Conditions
  • Product Descriptions
  • Service Descriptions
  • Pricing

For training course offers, each GSA course outline must contain the following information:

  1. The course title and a brief description of the course content, to include the course format (e.g. lecture, discussion, hands-on training, etc.)
  2. The length of the course
  3. Mandatory and/or desirable prerequisites for student enrollment
  4. The minimum and maximum number of students per class
  5. The location(s) where the course is offered
  6. Price (per student or per class)

If the CMAS applicant is not the base GSA schedule holder, they must also provide the same information shown above for each of their courses offered to verify that their courses are substantially the same as the GSA courses.

GSA schedules for consulting services must have labor categories with:

  • Well defined functional requirements that identify the tasks to be performed. (Functional responsibilities described only as “ability to” or “experience with” are not acceptable.)
  •  Minimum education requirements
  • Minimum experience requirements
  • Labor rates

Only one GSA schedule may be offered as the base for a CMAS consulting services agreement, and it must encompass all the labor categories desired.

GSA schedules for telecommunication services under SIN 132-52 can only be considered if the offer is from the holder of the GSA schedule.

GSA schedules under the following Special Item Numbers (SIN) cannot be offered:





SIN Description/Source Title

132 60F

Identity & Access Management Professional Services

132 62

Homeland Security Product & Service Components


Travel Services Solutions


Professional & Allied Healthcare Staffing Services


Temporary Administrative & Professional Staffing (Only court reporting services can be offered under this GSA schedule.)

738 X

Human Resources & EEO Services (with the exception of Executive Recruitment Services.)


Professional Engineering Services (with the exception of LEED Consulting Services.)

874 V

Logistics Worldwide (LogWorld)


Environmental Services


Facilities Maintenance & Management

 GSA contracts awarded under the Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) Program cannot be offered as the base for a CMAS application.


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