The eBISS mission is to provide reliable, descriptive data modeling analyses that lead to the creation of actionable results that optimize and create key business processes across the State. eBISS is comprised of a combination of talents from the Intake and Analysis Unit (IAU) and the eProcurement (eP) Unit.

IAU provides support to the statewide procurement process by employing Business Intelligence principals and strategies, Data Science, Data Management, and Data-Mining. While employing strong Data Governance practice, using advanced statistical analysis, and developing both predictive and prescriptive data models.

eProcurement supports the statewide procurement reporting requirements and data accuracy requirements governing the State Contract & Procurement Registration System. This team administers and monitors various areas of the State of California’s digital procurement efforts including Cal eProcure California’s online market place, and supporting State of California Vendor Quarterly Reporting requirements. All of which supports IAU by ensuring that procurement data is clean and complete and ready to be utilized for the advanced statistical analysis. 



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