The Purchasing Authority Unit (PAU) has the statutory authority to grant purchasing authority to state agencies. The PAU conducts purchasing authority program assessments to Accredit new and existing state agencies that meet specific requirements and demonstrate capability to effectively use the authority granted. Purchasing authority granted by DGS includes use of the following procurement tools:

  • California Multiple Award Schedules
  • Master Agreements 
  • NASPO ValuePoint (Cooperative Agreements)
  • Statewide Commodity Contracts
  • State Price Schedules
  • Software Licensing Program
  • CAL-Card

Without purchasing authority, state agencies may conduct competitive procurements for non-information technology goods valued at up to $100 per transaction and may not conduct competitive and non-competitive procurements for information technology goods and services of any value. 


Our Mission Statement
Support delegated purchasing programs by providing guidance and empowering customers to deliver high quality, best value acquisitions.


Purchasing Authority Unit

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