Guided Steps

  1. Click the "MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION" link above to download the application.

  2. The application is a fillable form-field PDF. Follow all instructions, fill out all fields, and include all required documents.
  3. Send the application and all supplemental documents to

SBAC Application Information

The full criteria for membership can be found in Article IV of the Council Charter. An excerpt is provided below.

Eligibility Criteria

An applicant must be either a certified small business (SB)/disabled veteran business enterprise (DVBE) owner or a SB or DVBE association representing at least 35 members, organized under the laws of California and have a SB interest in state contracting, procurement and projects – specifically in the areas of commodities, construction, IT goods and services, and professional services.

An applicant business or association must submit a written application and sign an oath of allegiance to become a member of the DGS Small Business Advisory Council.  Please include the name of the person nominated to be the Primary Representative and the name of the person nominated to be the Alternate Representative to the Council Co-Chair DGS.  The request for membership shall indicate the purpose for the request, association membership size, association membership's geographical coverage (local, regional, statewide), and, the primary business interest the association exists for.  The request for membership on the DGS Small Business Advisory Council will be reviewed and approved or denied by the Council Co-Chair DGS.  The Council Co-Chair DGS shall respond to all requests for membership in writing.  Applications for membership will be accepted on a continuous basis and filled when a vacancy occurs.

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Office of Small Business and DVBE Services
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