The Office of Small Business and DVBE Services is committed to supporting California small business and disabled veteran businesses. During this challenging time, our office is extending the certifications for expiring certified firms starting in September, 2020, so our customers can focus on their health and wellbeing. if you have any questions, contact us at or (916) 375-4940.

The Business Outreach Program supports the state of California’s goal to spend 25 percent of contract dollars with small businesses (SB) and 3 percent of contract dollars with disabled veteran business enterprises (DVBE) through targeted outreach events, workshops, webinars, instructional videos, personal assistance, and working groups.

The Business Outreach Program hosts and participates in various events throughout the state of California to support SBs and DVBEs in state contracting. We partner with other state agencies and various organizations to reach business communities throughout the state. At events we participate in exhibiting, business matchmaking, workshops, paneling, and speaking. We are committed to expanding statewide outreach efforts for the SB and DVBE community.

The Business Outreach Program presents workshops throughout the state of California to support the success of SBs and DVBEs in state contracting. We often partner with other agencies and organizations for workshops such as chambers of commerce, small business development centers, and procurement technical assistance centers.

The advocates are state employees who help SBs and DVBEs pursue contract opportunities in their department. The Business Outreach Program chairs the advocate steering committee, hosts quarterly advocate meetings, works closely with advocates, and provides oversight.

Provides a quarterly forum for representatives of the California small business community to provide input on policies and practices.

Honors state departments and SB/DVBE advocates for outstanding achievements in SB/DVBE advocacy and contracting.

Find resources to support small businesses and disabled veteran business enterprises in contracting with the state of California.


Business Outreach Program

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