The Office of Legislative Affairs (OLA) serves as the single point of contact for all department legislative matters. OLA coordinates all legislative activities for the Department of General Services (DGS), from the development of bill analyses to representing the department at legislative hearings. In addition, OLA is involved with the coordination of specific legislative reports due to the California Legislature from DGS.

Staff Directory:

Matt Bender, Deputy Director                                                                                
Office: (916) 376-5008 | Mobile: (916) 743-4677

Dianne Medina, Legislative Analyst                                           
Office: (916) 376-5045 | Direct: (916) 376-1899

Lisa Yuki, Legislative Consultant
Office: (916) 376-5007 | Mobile: (916) 208-8382

Real Estate Services Division

  • Asset Management Branch
  • Construction Inspection and Management Branch
  • Project Management and Development Branch

Vacant (Please direct inquiries to Matt Bender)

Office: (916) 376-5029

Office of Audit Services

Office of Business and Acquisition Services

Office of Legal Services

Procurement Division

Corrina Roy, Legislative Consultant                                          
Office: (916) 376-5047 | Mobile: (916) 532-1927

Building Standards Commission

California Commission on Disability Access

Division of the State Architect

Office of Administrative Hearings

Office of Public School Construction

Office of State Publishing

Internal Services

  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Office of Fiscal Services
  • Office of Human Resources
  • Enterprise Technology Solutions
  • Office of Enterprise Development

Clifford Buckner, Legislative Consultant
Office: (916) 375-6737 | Mobile: (916) 201-0561

Facilities Management Division

Office of Fleet and Asset Management

Office of Risk and Insurance Management

Office of Sustainability