We Store, Protect, and Confidentially Destroy Your Records:

Records are valuable assets for any agency, accordingly, managing and protecting these assets is very important. Handling them appropriately when they become inactive and subsequently meet their retention period is vital. The State Records Center (SRC) offers secure and convenient offsite storage solutions as well as confidential document destruction services. We work directly with the Secretary of State’s Archive Division (CalRIM and SRAP) and the Document Destruction Center to facilitate a seamless transition in the record lifecycle that helps ensure records management best practices.


Our storage facilities are managed to comply with the highest document handling security requirements and our vault storage option features a temperature and humidity controlled environment with halon gas fire suppression protection.


Need a record? SRC can pull and mail your record directly.

What is the cost of records storage?

Storage costs are based on quantity, record type, storage length of time, and management services. For a detailed pricing overview, please review the SRC Price List or contact the State Records Center.

Tour the State Records Center

Would you like to take a closer look? Contact State Records Center to schedule a tour of our facility and discuss your needs with one of our Records Management Consultants.


State Records Center

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