Office of State Publishing, Mailing unit provides mass mail services to meet any outreach need. Mailing consultants work with clients to provide customized mailing solution for printing, and mailing outreach materials. The mailing unit is certified to handle both secure and non-secure mass mail.


Non-Secure Mail

Non-secure mail are traditional postcards, letters, and flats with standard variable data (name, address, unique message), but do not contain sensitive or personal information.

Secure Mail

Secure mail are letters, and flats with traditional variable data (name, address), but include sensitive or personal information. For example, a utility bill would be considered secure mail. Each bill is imprinted with unique customer data (account numbers, personal personal information) and require additional security and personnel certification to print and handle.  

We are HIPAA Certified

The Office of State Publishing, Mailing unit is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) certified. The mailing unit follows all set standards for protecting sensitive patient data and ensures that all required physical, network, and process security measure are in place an followed. HIPAA certification allows us to handle, print and mail secure materials.

Custom Solution

Mailing clients benefit from customer oriented consultants that are willing to tackle any size job regardless of complexity. Consultants customize a plan for each job that allows the outreach materials to be mailed on-time. Consultants also strive to save clients money by “cleaning mailing lists,” and providing 4 classes of mail.
To learn more about Mailing, or to request an estimate contact your dedicated Customer Service Representative.


Mass Mail Services

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