The Office of State Publishing, Interagency Mail Service delivers mail and packages between State offices, daily. The interagency mail service covers the greater Sacramento area including Elk Grove and Rancho Cordova. Mail pick-up can be pre-scheduled or on an as needed basis. The Mail Service also provides delivery of boxed documents to and from the State Records Center & Document Destruction Center.


Services Provided:

    •    Interagency mail pick-up and delivery
    •    Messenger services
    •    State Records Center & Document Destruction Center pick-up and delivery
    •    Mail delivered within 24 hours
    •    Dedicated courier
    •    USPS mail pickup and delivery to OSP mail room for processing for postal mail


To learn more about Interagency Mail Service or for pricing information, contact your Customer Service Representative.

How to Schedule Services

  • Interagency Agreement Required (IAA)
  • Billing Code is required
  • Your agency will be billed monthly
  • Scheduled as needed via email

    Email for a service request form and instructions on how to request special delivery service


Interagency Mail & Messenger Service

Department of General Services
Office of State Publishing

1700 National Drive
Sacramento, CA 95832
Phone: (916) 928-5977