Office of State Publishing, ADA Remediation unit specialize in creating ADA compliant documents from standard PDFs or from native files (Word, InDesign). The ADA staff use industry leading tools, specialized training, and a refined remediation process to ensure consistent certified results. Remediated documents meet Section 508 standards.


What is ADA Remediation?

ADA Remediation is the process by which, electronic documents (PDFs) are made accessible to screen readers, allowing the visually impaired to hear an auditory version of the text and images within the document.

What is WCAG 2.0 AA?

WCAG 2.0 is a series of guidelines that detail how to make web content more accessible for people with a broad range of disabilities. These guidelines are similar to those in Section 508, but focus primarily on HTML-based content and devices. Level AA conformance removes the most common barriers for these disabled users.

ADA compliance is required

ADA compliance is required by Federal Law. Every electronic document available to the public must be Section 508 (of the Rehabilitation Act) compliant.


Are PDFs ADA Compliant?

PDFs created through a standard export process are not ADA compliant. Standard PDFs lack the backend structure/information that allow screen readers to read them. These documents may also lack additional ADA requirements, such as; contrast, appropriate color, alternate-text.

We make Standard PDFs Compliant

The ADA team can remediate most standard PDFs. There are some exceptions regarding contrast and artwork, which may not be fixable. In these cases new artwork can be created to complete the remediation process.
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