Business Card Order Information

The Office of State Publishing (OSP) is now hosting an online ordering site at which you can order your business cards. All you need to do is self-register and get approved. Once you are approved as a user, you log on, enter the data for the business card then place your order.

When placing your order online, you can choose between State or Agency Branded business cards

State Business Cards

Business cards will be printed in lots of 400. The prices are good for all cards, 1-color, multi-color, 1-side or 2-sided cards. A $5.00 shipping and handling charge will be added for each order.

  • 400 Cards for $25.00

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Please be aware that your agency must have an approver registered on the site and your billing code must be entered into the site before any orders can be placed; so please check before you self-register.



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