About this Service: 

The Clean Energy Unit supports state departments interested in onsite renewable energy generation through site license agreements (SLA) and power purchase agreements (PPA). This service includes site and energy assessments to determine viability and recommendations for the appropriate size and location of a potential solar or wind energy project for a facility.  This service also includes project development and management and Request for Proposal (RFP) development. Clean Energy Unit manages each project from conception, system design and construction until the system is fully operational. Contracts for these projects run for 20-25 years and all energy produced by the system is consumed onsite by the state facility. These contracts do not require any capital outlay from the facility.

The system produces energy at a discount to the utility prices and offsets the utility load as well as project costs over the life expectancy of the system. The developer of the system is responsible for all maintenance costs, repairs and site operations. The state departments are only responsible for paying for the fixed cost of the renewable energy they receive.

Services rendered to determine if a client’s facility is a good candidate for a solar installation are provided at no charge.


Glenn Connor, Program Manager

Department of General Services
Executive Office of Sustainability

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☎ (916) 375-4903

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