About this Service

ORIM provides recommendations for approval (or disapproval) on hazardous contracts. ORIM also reviews and advises on the insurance requirements contained within construction contracts, service contracts, lease contracts, and bond indentures.

To request a hazardous contract review, send an email to: RiskManagement@dgs.ca.gov


  • Contracts that require ORIM approval - SCM 3.12
  • Insurance Requirements - SCM 7.40
  • Self-Insurance Letters- To request a letter of self-insurance, please email: riskmanagement@dgs.ca.gov


ORIM conducts training for other agencies' staff in insurance-related issues pertaining to suggested contract language for contracts or leases. Such training can be conducted in either our offices or on-site for the requesting agency.

To request training, send an email to: RiskManagement@dgs.ca.gov


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