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The Office of Risk & Insurance Management offers four defensive driver training courses to meet the needs of your agency (all courses are free of charge to state agencies):

A 2.5-hour course designed as a catalyst to stimulate drivers to think in terms of minimizing their risks in order to survive in today's highway transportation system. After completion of each module, the student is required to participate in a short assessment in order to advance to the next module; completing a final assessment at the end. Upon successful completion, students receive a completion certificate valid for four years. To view the online training, ensure you meet the system requirements, then click here https://ddt.dgs.ca.gov/. (closed caption version)

A 4-hour course designed to refresh the driver's memory of forgotten practices, reinforce good habits, and teach risk management strategies. This course requires 4 participants. To enroll contact us at statewidehealthandsafety@dgs.ca.gov.


A 6-hour course focusing on intensive training and behind-the-wheel evaluation. This class is recommended for employees who are having more than their share of driving problems. To enroll contact us at statewidehealthandsafety@dgs.ca.gov.


A 5-hour classroom course designed for van drivers. Upon successful completion, students receive a completion card valid for three years. To view the current course schedule and enroll please visit the DGS Training Registration System.

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Defensive Driver Training Coordinator

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Phone: (916) 376-5308

Email: statewidehealthandsafety@dgs.ca.gov