About this Service

School districts can apply for this service when adding capacity to a school district.  Adding capacity to a school district can include the construction of a new school, or the addition of classrooms to an existing school.  Applications are submitted to the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) in two stages: an application for eligibility and an application for funding.  To calculate and confirm eligibility and funding, please refer to the following:

  • Review the “New Construction Application Submittal Requirements” for eligibility and funding applications.
  • Contact OPSC to find out who your project manager is for the county in which the school district is located.While working with your OPSC project manager, submit the following forms:
    • Form SAB 50-01, Enrollment Certification/Projection, (Rev. 05/09)
    • Dwelling Unit Worksheet and Instructions
    • Form SAB 50-02, Existing School Building Capacity,(Rev. 12/10)
    • Form SAB 50-03, Eligibility Determination, (Rev. 12/10)
    • Form SAB 50-04, Application For Funding, (Rev. 01/18)
  • Once a school district project has been approved with a State Apportionment, submit the following form to request the release of funds:
    • Form SAB 50-05, Fund Release Authorization, (Rev. 06/17)
  • Once a school district has received the funds, it must report expenditures on an annual basis (using the following form) and report substantial progress:
    • Form SAB 50-06, Expenditure Report, (Rev. 12/10)

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