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School districts can apply for this service once the school district as demonstrated that one of two conditions exist:  facilities must be repaired/replaced due to an imminent health and safety threat, or existing facilities have been lost to fire, flood, earthquake or other [natural] disaster.  There are two types of Facility Hardship projects:

  • Replacement – when the cost to mitigate the health and safety threat is greater than 50 percent of the cost of replacement; and
  • Rehabilitation – when the cost to mitigate the health and safety threat is less than 50 percent of the cost of replacement.

To prepare a complete Facility Hardship request, school districts may use the Facility Hardship Request Sheet as a guide. School districts are also encouraged to contact the Office of Public School Construction’s (OPSC) Facility Hardship Team to discuss the request/concern prior to commencing any work, demolition or repair.

There are two ways that a school district can submit a Facility Hardship Program grant request:

  • Application for Conceptual Approval – the school district has a basic idea of what needs to be replaced/rehabilitated but does not have Division of the State Architect approved plans and specifications.
  • Application for Full Funding – can be submitted with or without first obtaining a conceptual approval but must include all the components of a conceptual approval, as well as the documents required for a full funding application.After being processed by the OPSC, the full funding application will be presented to the State Allocation Board for approval.

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Facility Hardship Video 1- Program Overview
Facility Hardship Video 2- Resources for Applicants
Facility Hardship Video 3- Complete Applications
Facility Hardship Video 4- Cost Estimates