About this Service

School districts can apply for this service when improvements are needed that educationally enhance existing school facilities.  Projects eligible for this service include modifications such as air conditioning, plumbing, lighting and electrical systems.  Applications are submitted to the Office of Public School Construction in two stages:  an application for eligibility and an application for funding.  To calculate and confirm eligibility and funding, please refer to the following:

  • Review the “Modernization Application Submittal Requirements” for eligibility and funding applications.
  • Contact OPSC to find out who your project manager is for the county in which the school district is located.While working with your OPSC project manager, submit the following forms:
    • Form SAB 50-03, Eligibility Determination, (Rev. 12/10)
    • Form SAB 50-04, Application For Funding, (Rev. 01/18)
  • Once a school district project has been approved with a State Apportionment, submit the following form to request the release of funds:
    • Form SAB 50-05, Fund Release Authorization, (Rev. 06/17)
  • Once a school district has received the funds, it must report expenditures on an annual basis (using the following form) and report substantial progress:
    • Form SAB 50-06, Expenditure Report, (Rev. 12/10)

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