List of OPSC Online Applications and Tools

Online applications and tools

  • OPSC Online Application (link)*
    OPSC Online Application allows school districts to electronically apply for all School Facility Programs whether it be Eligibility/Funding applications or Expenditure reports. The online platform allows applicants to draft, review and submit all required forms, with the ability to upload supporting documentation at any time. Try OPSC online for all current and future projects, an online process which makes it easy and more accessible to all applicants.

  *OPSC Online is optimized for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome web browsers.


  • OPSC Online User Guide
  • OPSC Data Dashboard (link)
    OPSC has created a "Data Dashboard" to facilitate the identification of the distribution of SFP funding. The six dashboards display the allocation of funding (updated monthly) by proposition, SFP program, county, school district, school site, and/or legislative district based on user-defined filters.
  • Project Tracking Search Tool (link)