If you are interested in enrolling in budgeting services offered by DGS, please reference the contact information, proposed criteria, preferences and general information listed below.
  • Requester must be a California state department, board, commission, or state entity
  • Small to medium size with employees not exceeding 150 employees and no more than 10 funds
  • CFS-Budgets service period should begin July 1st with at least 6 months lead time
  • System used by CFS-Budgets: Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) and Hyperion   

Steps to Enroll:

  1. via e-mail: BPSMailbox@dgs.ca.gov or phone: (916) 376-5143

  3. Between CFS-Budgets and the new client

  6. The agreement identifies which FI$Cal security roles can be assigned to CFS-Budgets, the new client, or both
  7. Responsible parties involved are the new client, CFS-Budgets, and the FI$Cal Project


Budgets and Planning Services

Office of Fiscal Services
Department of General Services

707 Third St., 9th Floor
West Sacramento, CA 95605

Main Line: (916) 376-5143
E-mail: BPSMailbox@dgs.ca.gov