All contracted airfares are available for use by employees of participating state departments, local governments, California State Universities, California colleges, and K-12 public school districts for travel on official government or school business. These airfares are only accessible through STP’s contracted travel agency, CalTravelStore. Book your entire business trip using the online booking tool, Concur; or by calling CalTravelStore at the numbers listed on the website.


To participate and benefit from the contracted airfares, you must be enrolled in the program. Contact your department’s Travel Coordinator or your designated DGS Statewide Travel Program Specialist for more information.


In October/November 2019 Southwest changed their policy on how and where unused ticket credits are displayed.

  • Anytime a traveler has travel funds - and their Rapid Rewards account number was tied to the reservation - the funds will show up in the traveler’s Rapid Rewards (RR) account regardless if it was booked as business or personal travel. All unused ticket credits – regardless of payment source – now display in your personal RR account.
  • DGS purchased ticket credits will show up in both your Concur profile and your RR account/profile.

IMPORTANT: flights purchased via Concur/CalTravelStore and subsequently canceled directly with Southwest will not show up in your Concur profile for future use. You must add these credits to your Concur profile manually for future use.

Dealing with unused funds requires paying close attention to the ticket credit you select when booking. If you are booking a personal trip on Southwest dot com and wish to use available travel funds, be aware of the fund type you are applying to your trip. On the Travel Funds display page at Southwest dot com, there is a Legend at the bottom. As a state business traveler, funds with the business icon shown below may NOT be used to book flights on Southwest dot com. All business flights must be booked with Concur/CalTravelStore.

Business funds will have an icon with a coin slot that has a purple circular border with a white background in front of them. icon with coin going into a slot with a white background

Personal funds will have an icon with a coin slot that has a purple circular border with a purple background in front of them. icon of coin going into a slot with a purple background

To view our current Airline Contracts, please visit Cal eProcure.

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Baggage Fee Information

Airline Check Baggage Policy

Please refer to the following airline websites for their baggage fee pricing and policies (all links will open a new browser window):


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Helpful Links

Click on the CalTravelStore link or go to for links to State Travel information such as CalATERS, Car Rental Justification Form, Excess Lodging Rate Request/ Approval Form (STD255C), etc., links to Airline Check-in information and other helpful links such as Real ID, State Department Travel Advisories, Enterprise Reimbursement Calculator, Flight Tracker, etc.