Transportation of passengers is limited to individuals involved in the performance of assigned state activities unless the employee’s supervisor has given prior authorization—required each time.

Individuals who suspect state vehicles are not being used properly should:

  • Report the suspicion or incident to the Office of Fleet and Asset Management (OFAM) Citizen Complaints staff | 1700 National Dr, Sacramento, CA 95834 | Email: | Toll Free: (855) 611-OFAM (6326)
  • When reporting possible misuse include the vehicle description and license number if known, the date, time, and location of the incident.
  • State agencies are required to investigate and take action on alleged misuse, and to notify OFAM of the findings of their investigation (see California Code of Regulations Section 599.804).

Misuse or negligence of DGS vehicles

State agencies are responsible for ensuring that DGS vehicles are used appropriately by their employees. Costs incurred to DGS vehicles due to employee abuse, negligence, misuse, lack of training, or violations of the California Vehicle Code, may be billed back to the agency. Employees may be subject to discipline by their agency as a result of the misuse of state vehicles.

The operation of a state vehicle is a highly visible activity that deserves the attention of each state agency. The public’s awareness of state vehicles and their concern about proper use has been heightened by the current economic situation. State agencies and all state employees are responsible for knowing and following state fleet rules, including, but not limited to the following:

  1. State motor vehicles shall be used only in the conduct of state business.
  2. Commuting in state vehicles is allowed only in compliance with specific guidelines and all costs must be reimbursed to the state.
  3. A Home Storage Permit is required if a state vehicle is frequently kept overnight at or in the vicinity of an employee’s home.
  4. Carrying in the vehicle any persons other than those directly involved with official state business is prohibited unless permission is obtained in advance for each trip by the employee’s supervisor.
  5. State agencies and employees are responsible for properly reporting personal use of state provided vehicles, considered compensation by the Internal Revenue Service and Franchise Tax Board.
  6. Smoking in state vehicles is prohibited.



Citizen Complaints

Department of General Services
Office of Fleet and Asset Management

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Toll Free: (855) 611-OFAM (6326)