State Fleet Card Oversight Usage and Responsibilities
For additional agency-specific policies and procedures, please contact the designated Fleet Card Coordinator (PDF) for your agency.


  • Know the assigned PIN and the odometer reading before purchasing fuel.
  • Swipe at the pump or see attendant inside if there is no pump card reader.
  • If prompted to choose “Credit” or “Debit,” select “Credit.”
  • When prompted, enter the PIN and press “Enter.”
  • If prompted, enter the odometer reading as a whole number.
  • If unable to use the card at a pump reader, see the attendant inside for assistance.
  • If the attendant is unable to process the transaction, pay with cash, credit card, or debit card. Retain the receipt and submit a Travel Expense Claim for reimbursement from your department.

Establish a Voyager Card Account

To establish a new Voyager account, you must contact U.S. Bank directly:

  • Mark Hess, U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Card Relationship Manager
  • Office: (612) 436-6544
  • Email:

Maintenance of Voyager Card Account/Cards


  • Please contact your agency’s designated Fleet Card Coordinator (PDF) for all Voyager related issues.


Agency Accounts (cards tied to agency-owned vehicles):

Fleet Commander and Fleet Commander Online Software Support

DGS-OFAM Account (cards tied to DGS-OFAM leased vehicles):

  • Do NOT contact Voyager directly.
  • Please contact the OFAM Voyager Team at for the following:
    • Lost/Stolen/Damaged Cards
    • Card Lock-out
    • Transactions Data/Reporting
    • Information Regarding the Voyager Fuel Card Program
      • (The OFAM Voyager Card mailbox is monitored continuously throughout the day.)

Still unsure who to contact? Contact the OFAM Voyager Team at:

Note: The following procedures apply only to cards tied to OFAM vehicles. For cards tied to agency-owned vehicles, please see the “Points of Contact...” tab for more information.


  • Do NOT contact U.S. Bank/Voyager directly.
  • Please notify your agency's designated Agency Fleet Card Coordinator List (PDF) immediately.
    • If the Coordinator is unavailable, you may report the issue to the OFAM Voyager Team at the address below. Please note, however, requests for new cards must be submitted by the Coordinator.


  • Complete the OFAM Voyager Fuel Card Request form (Rev. 08/2019)
    • Note: This PDF works correctly in Internet Explorer (IE). In Firefox you need to click on the 'Open With Different Viewer' button in order to use this form. In Chrome you need to submit this form via email as stated above.
  • Submit the completed form by clicking the Email Form button at the bottom of the form or by sending it directly to the OFAM Voyager Team at
  • Use only for state vehicles and state business.
  • Use the card only for the vehicle to which it is tied. The use of any other Voyager card is prohibited.
  • Use only regular unleaded gasoline, diesel, E-85, or the grade specified on the fuel tank.
  • Only two basic low-cost car washes per month are allowed. (E.g. Pay-at-the-pump, drive-thru car wash.)
  • Use at over 10,000 locations throughout California. To find a location near you, use the Merchant Locator.
  • Use at pump card reader or inside the retail location.
  • Memorize the Personal Identification Number (PIN). Never share the PIN, and never write it on the card or store it with the card.
  • Do not keep the Voyager card in an unattended vehicle. Keep card secure at all times.
  • Do not purchase personal or miscellaneous store items such as food, tobacco, beverages, lottery tickets, etc.
  • Maintenance and repairs are prohibited except in emergency situations when necessary to get the driver safely home or to the business location. Visit the "Where to Repair your State Vehicle" service page for maintenance and repair information.
  • Unauthorized transactions, including suspected misuse and/or fraud, are subject to investigation and may result in disciplinary action.



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The State of California, Department of General Services (DGS) and WEX Bank. (WEX) have entered into a contract for the services of a fuel card payment system. This agreement replaces the current fuel card contract between DGS and US Bank (Voyager), which expires 06/30/2021. A copy of the new agreement can be viewed at the DGS Cal eProcure website at: For question on enrolling in the new contract please contact DGS Fleet Operations Manager Eric Mayes at 916-928-2575 or