Pallet Requirements

  • Pallets are required to be stretch wrapped unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Material including pallet must measure no higher than 58", no items can overhang the sides of pallets.
  • All materials must be on 42"x42" or 44"x44" 2-way pallets, unless otherwise prearranged with Transit Storage.


Transit Storage Requests A DGS OFAM 56 Transit Storage Form (Interactive PDF) Rev 12/2019 must be submitted by fax, or received by mail no less than 24 hours prior to the shipment. Information must be legible, printed and attached to the front of each pallet or item for storage.


Rates $0.44 cents per cubic foot per month with a $5.00 minimum -- Or $23.01 per pallet.

Items requiring High Security storage are $0.46 cents per cubic foot. Note: Transit Storage employees will pre-approve these high value or specialized items before delivery to the facility.

If an agency removes all their material from Transit Storage, the agency will incur shipping charges even if local.


Required Information All incoming pallets or items need the following information:

  • Agency name
  • Agency billing code
  • Agency control number
  • Date


Services Provided

  • Short and long term storage with no access fees or hidden charges.
  • Warehouse alarm system plus a high security storage area with 24 hour video monitoring
  • Variety of warehouse arrangements: open floor space, drive-in pallet racking, storage vaults, etc… with bar coded inventory
  • Bar-coded inventory
  • No access fees
  • Free delivery of paper products to destinations in the local Sacramento area.
  • OFAM 56 Transit Storage request form can be faxed; once received and approved, product will be shipped.
  • Complete shipment paperwork including bill of lading and contacting a State of California, Transportation Management approved carrier services for out of town shipments.
  • Receive your materials directly from your supplier by appointment only, unless a pre-arrangement has been made.
  • Access items during shipping and receiving hours with 48 hour advance notice. Making an appointment guarantees that your items will be ready.
  • Accommodations can be made for needs outside of shipping and receiving hours by making prior arrangements with Transit Storage staff.

Transit Storage Form