Online Parking Lottery System Process/Policies

The Online Parking Lottery System (OPLS) was established to manage multiple lots in the Downtown Sacramento area. Names are drawn randomly from the online lottery to fill available parking spaces as cancellations occur. Once an individual has been issued parking, they may sign up for, or remain on, an alternate waitlist or re-enter the parking lottery to obtain a preferred parking facility assignment.

  • The OPLS covers multiple downtown Sacramento parking garages and lots. Individuals may not request a specific lot to be entered for. When subscribing to OPLS individuals are subscribing to the following downtown Sacramento parking facilities: Lots: 2, 14, 24, 33, 39, and 55 (See the Parking Facility Management page for location and Parking Facility hours of operation)
  • Subscribers to the lottery will remain in the lottery until selected and a parking space is received or requests to be removed from the OPLS.
  • The number of available spaces directly correlates with the number of canceled parking spaces. As a result of this, the number of names pulled from the OPLS and how often names are pulled, fluctuates from month to month.
  • The OPLS does not guarantee any subscriber a parking space. The OPLS is based on random selection. No name is more likely to be drawn than the next.
  • The amount of time registered in the OPLS does not affect chances of being drawn.
  • Individuals may only enter the OPLS under one name. If caught with multiple names representing a single individual, he or she may be subject to removal from the OPLS. 
  • When a name is drawn from the OPLS, the individual will receive a notification via email from the DGS PAU providing them with the information on the number of spaces available in each specific lot.
  • Upon receiving the notification email, the individual must complete the OFAM 112 and submit it to the DGS PAU either in person or via email within seven (7) business days. If the individual fails to reply within seven (7) business days of email notification sent date, the DGS PAU will make one (1) phone call attempt to reach the individual. If no confirmation is received within 48 hours, the offer will be considered declined and the individual’s name will be removed from the lottery.
  • To subscribe to the OPLS, click on the Subscribe button to the left.

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Subscribe to the parking lottery

Use your state email address to subscribe. Subscribers receive a confirmation email from after an account is created. 


Access your subscriber preferences to change your email address, modify your password, add or delete subscriptions, or delete your account. 


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