Your current hotel reservation will expire seven days after check-in. Extensions beyond the initial seven-day period are not processed automatically and must be requested through your county of residence, 24 to 48 hours prior to scheduled check-out. If you are already within 24 hours of check out, please submit your request for an extension as soon as possible. Please reach out to your county of residence (contact information below) to request an extension if your primary residence remains subject to an evacuation order.


If you remain under evacuation orders and your request is approved, the reservation extension will be sent directly to the hotel and you will receive a confirmation email and/or SMS text. All efforts will be made to keep you at the same hotel.  This is facilitated by making your request to extend prior to the last day of the current reservation, as hotels may be booking other guests.  Assignment of accommodations is based on a variety of factors and relocation to a different hotel may be necessary to provide an extension.


Note that reservations are made in seven-day segments but will end early if the evacuation order is lifted. Once the evacuation order is lifted and you can return home, you are required to check-out of the hotel no later than the following day.

Contact by County of Residence

Please confirm the status of our evacuation order by checking the following map: