Abbreviated Fleet Acquisition Process

State Administrative Manual (SAM) section 4120.8 outlines the abbreviated fleet acquisition approval process for non-light duty replacement vehicles and mobile equipment (fleet assets).

The Fleet Utilization Analysis Template (Rev 08/23/17) must be used in conjunction with the Abbreviated FAP Process for Non-Light Duty Fleet Assets Substitution Requests.

Per SAM section 4120.7, complete a Fleet Acquisition Substitution Form if your department would like to request to substitute a fleet asset that was previously approved by OFAM to be replaced with another asset in specific circumstances. These circumstances include the following: when a vehicle is wrecked, not cost effective to repair, and/or stolen and the department’s needs to replace that fleet asset with one was already approved on a Fleet Acquisition Plan (FAP). A department may also substitute an approved fleet asset purchase for another type of fleet asset if there is a demonstrated urgent need for the vehicle to be purchased now and the vehicle is no longer available on the state contract and/or if the fleet asset no longer meets the department’s business needs. Substitutions may only be submitted on approved Fleet Acquisition Plans that have not expired.

For all additional assets being requested on the FAP, include all necessary approved Budget Change Proposals (BCP), Executive Orders, legislation or other supporting justification that shows authorization for additional fleet assets.

For all replacement assets being requested on the FAP, include the STD 152 (interactive PDF) and OFAM 6  forms (if applicable). Contact the Inspector of Automotive Equipment assigned to your area for the OFAM 6.

Supplemental fleet acquisition plans must be clearly identified as such and in the same format as the original plan. Denote any changes to the original plan and/or clearly identify the additional fleet assets being requested.

FAP Narrative 2018

Annual Fleet Acquisition Plans may be emailed to, mailed, or hand delivered to your agency’s Fleet Asset Management System (FAMS) analyst, at:

Department of General Services
Office of Fleet and Asset Management
1700 National Drive
Sacramento, CA 95834

Attach a copy of any approved Budget Change Proposal or Governor’s final budget authorizing your department to add additional fleet assets and/or personnel.

After plans are approved, provide copies of Std. 152 survey forms and OFA 6 forms (if applicable) when submitting purchase orders (PO) or purchase estimates (PE) to OFAM for final stamped approval.  OFAM will compare the PO’s and PE’s with the approved acquisition plans.

For new fleet acquisition needs that may arise after an original plan was submitted and/or approved, or for amendments to an original plan, submit a supplemental annual fleet acquisition plan using the same format; and note any changes to the original plan and/or add any new fleet assets being requested.

Provide a detailed description of the types of assets being requested following the format in the "Typical Asset Descriptions" below. All sections must be completed. Indicate if the section is not applicable to the asset(s) being acquired.                              

Section 1: Name and HQ address of the state agency (department) requesting fleet acquisition for the upcoming fiscal year.  Include contact information for the responsible management employee (fleet coordinator) consisting of name, telephone number and e-mail address.

Section 2: Date of Plan Submission

Section 3: Indicate the number of proposed fleet acquisitions that are replacing existing assets and/or the number of vehicles being added to the agency’s final B-2-11 baseline fleet.  Be specific as to vehicle classes and any dissimilar vehicle class replacements.

Section 4: Provide ample justification for each fleet asset, including:

  1. Reason why each asset is vital and mission critical, the program that asset will be used and how it will be used.
  2. If acquiring a Fire truck the completion of Addendum “A” is required.

Section 5: Explain how the proposed fleet acquisition plan will meet the following state and federal fleet mandates:

  1. Executive Order B-16-12, Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Purchasing Mandate (See SAM Section 4121).
  2. Management Memo 16-07, ZEV & Hybrid First Purchasing Mandate (See SAM Section 4121.1).
  3. Management Memo 16-07 ZEV Infrastructure Readiness (See SAM Section 4121.6). Please use the ZEV Readiness tab on the FAP Spreadsheet to answer the detailed questions listed in SAM Section 4121.6, and provide an overview in the narrative of how the department is currently fueling the ZEVs in their fleet and how they plan to fuel any proposed ZEVs in their FAP.
  4. Management Memo 12-03: solar reflective colors for light-duty vehicle acquisitions. (See SAM Section 3620.1).

Section 6:  Complete and attach the fleet acquisition plan Excel spreadsheet (see attached)

Asset Description Examples
 Asset Types Fuel Types Asset Details
Compact Sedan Gasoline 2WD, 4WD
Midsize Sedan Flex Fuel Extended Cab, Crew Cab
Pursuit rated Sedan Hybrid (Gas/Electric) 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, 1 ton Truck
Pursuit rated SUV Compressed Natural Gas Cargo Van
SUV Battery Electric 8,12,15 Passenger Van
Truck Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Pursuit Motorcycle
Van Hydrogen Fuel Cell All-Terrain Vehicle
Motorcycle Diesel Fixed-wing 4-Pass, Aircraft
Aircraft  Propane

Rotary-wing (i.e., helicopter)

Watercraft  Aviation fuel

24 ft. Patrol Boat
Personal Water Craft

Trailer    16 ft. Cargo Trailer

Note: Asset description includes but not limited to the examples listed. Descriptions do not include specific makes and models as the state contracts may not be available at the time plans are being developed.