State agencies shall attempt to donate IT property that cannot be reutilized with another state agency in accordance with Public Utilities Code 709(d). State agencies are also encouraged to donate surplus laptops to the foster youth attending public colleges or universities in accordance with SAM section 3520.11.

State agencies may select eligible schools, colleges, or universities to donate to by completing their Property Survey Report (STD 152) online at State agencies must select Disposition Code 7. A list of eligible schools is located at the bottom of this page.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities are encouraged to complete an eligibility form and submit it online to This will make your institution eligible to receive all types of surplus property from state agencies, not only IT equipment. Please note, if you are partnered with a refurbisher, the refurbisher may only receive IT equipment from state agencies.


  • School and School District Eligibility Form - OFAM 302
  • College or University Eligibility Form - OFAM 303

State Surplus Property Program

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