Submit STD 152 Property Survey Report for the following:

Note: The Property Survey Report (STD 152) now has a Disposition Code 10 - Universal Waste. Please use this Disposition Code when disposing of e-Waste.

  • If you wish to donate the item or items to a qualified recipient; or
  • If you wish to sell the item or items at a public sale; or
  • If you wish to dispose of the irreparable, unusable item or items through using the services of a
  • State-approved recycler, or through sending the item or items to a state-approved landfill;

A STD 152 must be filled out for all items to be shipped for disposition by the SPR Warehouse located at 1700 National Drive, Sacramento, CA 95834.


Submit STD 158 Property Transfer Report for the following:

  • If you wish to transfer the item or items to another agency
  • If you wish to transfer the item or items to another unit of your Agency, this form is not required to be sent to SPR but may be retained for your record management.


If you need assistance in making your online submittal or have questions concerning any aspect concerning the proper disposition of State-owned surplus personal property, please contact the Surplus Property and Reutilization (SPR) program at Phone: (916) 928-5806 | Email:

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