It is the recommendation of the Office of Business and Acquisition Services (OBAS) that every supplier verify all Purchase Orders (PO) received from the Department of General Services (DGS). POs are primarily issued for commodity and service order acquisitions. POs should be received from a DGS email address. Even though the POs come from a DGS email address, suppliers should verify all POs received by checking the State Contract & Procurement Registration System (SCPRS). This tool should be used to verify that a PO is legitimate and was issued by DGS.

How To Verify A PO

  1. Open the CaleProcure Public Search Page to search for public purchasing data.

  2. Under the header titled “Search for Public Purchasing Data” click the link titled “Search State Contracting and Procurement Registration System (SCPRS) data”

    Note: A dialog box will appear with the header "Notice - Leaving Site". Click the "Yes" button to proceed.

    • Department code. This is the number preceding the PO number

    • Purchase Document #. The Purchase Document # is the PO number and can be found on the PO in the upper left hand corner of the box titled "Dispatch via Print".

  3. Click the search button. The PO data will appear on screen. If the data matches the physical PO you received, you can be assured it is valid.  If it does not, you should contact DGS immediately.

  4. If you don’t know who in DGS to contact follow these steps:

    • Go to the CaleProcure search page at the following link:
    • Under the header titled “DGS Procurement Resources“ click the link titled “Departments with Approved Purchasing Authority”.
    • Once on the page, click drop down box titled “Departments with Approved Purchasing Authority“.
    • Select the department that the fraudulent PO appears to be from, and contact one or all of the individuals listed.


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