DGS is committed to supporting Small Business (SB) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) and has chosen to be an SB/DVBE first agency. In 2014, DGS enacted its SB/DVBE First Policy (AO 14-02) to help DGS meet or exceed 25% SB and 3% DVBE participation goals according to Executive Order S-02-06 and Executive Order D-43-01. In August of 2019 OBAS Memorandum 19-01 was approved to further define the SB/DVBE First policy. Helping DGS meet this goal starts with buyers using the resources and tools available for SB/DVBE purchasing. Buyers can help meet DGS goals by:

  • Using the SB/DVBE option for acquisitions between $5,000.00 and 249,999.99

  • Using Cal eProcure to find SB/DVBE’s for Solicitation

  • Using the “ SB/DVBE off-ramp” option on Leveraged Procurement Agreements

  • Seeking SB/DVBE advocate assistance

  • Referring unregistered SB/DVBE’s to the office of Small Business and DVBE Services for certification

  • Continuing education on SB/DVBE acquisition through training

  • Completing all possible steps to find an SB/DVBE before requesting a waiver

For more information please contact our SB/DVBE advocate at OBASadvocate@dgs.ca.gov or visit the Office of Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Services Outreach web page. For certification inquiries please contact the Office of Small Business and Disabled Veteran Enterprise Services at 916-375-4940 or OSDSHelp@dgs.ca.gov.


SB/DVBE Advocate

Department of General Services
Office of Business and Acquisition Services

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