California Public Records Act (CPRA) Requests at OAH

Members of the public may make a request for public records by contacting the OAH public records review officer at  Individuals may expect a response within 10 days of the date the request was received.  In certain circumstances, the timeline may be extended for an additional 14 days, as authorized by law. 

Inquiries for the Department of General Services (DGS) should be emailed to the DGS Office of Public Affairs at 

Making the Request

Requests should describe the desired records in as much detail as possible, in order to help the reviewing officer locate any potentially responsive records.  While requests may be made orally or in writing, OAH encourages written requests for the purpose of providing accurate, complete and timely responses.  Requests may be emailed to:, and need not include any “magic words” or follow any particular format.  

Exempt Records

Records are open to public inspection at all times during normal working hours. Every person has the right to inspect any record except those exempt from disclosure by statute or other authority. (See, e.g., Gov. Code § 6254 et seq.)  If only portions of a record are exempt, OAH may remove the exempt information and produce the remaining portion of the record. 

Cost of Records

Many public records requests can be processed electronically, and responsive documents sent to the requestor free of charge.  Physical copies of disclosable public records may be provided upon pre-payment of copying costs. The fee for copies is 10 cents ($0.10) per page. Additional fees may be charged in other limited circumstances, as authorized by law.

Public Record Inspection Guidelines

This document is currently being revised. Please contact the public records review officer at for a copy of the guidelines.



Public Records Review Officer

Office of Administrative Hearings

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Phone: (916) 263-0550