The Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) offers an opportunity for feedback from those who participate in mediations and hearings.  For those that do participate, you may access our online surveys for mediations and hearings by simply entering the URL provided below into your web browser or by clicking on the links provided below.


For Mediation Surveys




For Hearing Surveys




If you prefer not to use the internet, OAH can mail a copy of the survey.  Please call 916-263-0880 to request a copy.


Surveys can be made available in languages other than English or Spanish either on the website or in a paper copy format.  For more information on alternative formats, please see the Alternative Formats quick link in the box on this page.

Privacy notice

All surveys are anonymous.  Your survey responses do not contain any identifying information about the participant.  


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Alternative Format or language Request

All forms and publications on this website are available in alternative formats or languages.  If you would like a copy of a form or publication in an alternative format or language, please contact us at