The search system provided herein offers a simple word search with no options for further filtering or refinement of the search. Recognizing that our community would be better served with a more advanced search capability OAH is actively working on an upgrade to the search capability available through our website to allow more responsive information retrieval.  We appreciate your patience and welcome any comments or requests for additional features. 

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OAH maintains a list called a ListServe which allows OAH to send to interested people copies of our decisions when they are issued, as well as the occasional announcement.  If you wish to be added to this list please use the quick link to the left entitled, "To Request Copies of Our Decisions Issued" by clicking on the blue box beneath.


Some Special Education Orders will soon be available through our search feature. OAH will only be posting a limited number of orders issued. As OAH issues a large number of orders on an ongoing basis, most of which are extremely similar, posting all orders provides no additional benefit. Additionally, if OAH posted all orders issued, the volume would present a barrier to learning about the types of orders issued.

The orders posted will be based on the type of order, the relief granted such as "request denied" or "request granted," and the relationship of the order to parties' access to due process of law.


Decisions are accessible through the quick link button to the right.


Special Education decisions issued from 1993 through June 30, 2005, are maintained by California Department of Education.  Go to decisions issued 1993 to July 1, 2005 to view these decisions.


General instructions on how to search for decisions or order relevant to a particular issue are provided below.




  1. Click on either the Decision button provided on the left hand side of this screen.

  2. In the Search field near the top of the page, enter the word or phrase that is an essential part of the subject you are seeking.  For example, if you would like decisions or orders that discuss issues related to requests for “Stay Put” relief, type “Stay Put” in this field

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