Special Education Division's Advisory Committee

The Office of Administrative Hearings has established an Advisory Committee selected from persons who express an interest in serving on the Committee.  (Ed. Code, § 56504.5, subd. (c)(8); Cal. Code Regs., tit. 5, § 3094; Interagency Agreement between the California Department of Education and the Office of Administrative Hearings.)  The Advisory Committee is composed of parents, advocates, attorneys, and school employees among other interested persons. 


Purpose:  The Advisory Committee was established to assist the Office of Administrative Hearings by providing non-binding recommendations for improvements to the special education hearing and mediation processes.


Composition:  The Advisory Committee is composed of two regions, the Southern California region and the Northern California region.  The Committee has five members in each region.  At least three members in each region must be parents or those who represent parents and students.  The remaining members in each region will be comprised of others interested in serving on the Advisory Committee.


Term of ServiceEach member selected to serve on the Advisory Committee shall be appointed to a two-year term.  A member interested in serving more than one term must reapply at the end of that member’s term.  No one may serve more than two consecutive terms.


Expectations for Service:  Membership on the Advisory Committee is voluntary.  Each member is expected to fully participate and attend every meeting.  If a member is unable to attend a meeting, the member should email SE Operations at OAHSEops@dgs.ca.gov


Removal from Advisory Committee:  If a member fails to attend two meetings, the Office of Administrative Hearings may remove the member and appoint a replacement member to complete the term.  The replacement member will be selected to maintain the requirement that the Advisory Committee be composed of a majority of parents, advocates for parents, or attorneys for parents.  When selecting a replacement member, the Office of Administrative Hearings shall consider the applicants who applied during the most recent application period.


Meetings:  Advisory Committee meetings are held twice a year.  The meeting is held on the same day in each region in the fall (third Friday of October) and spring (third Friday of June).  Advisory Committee members are expected to attend every meeting and may be consulted between meetings. All meetings are open to the public and a period of public comment will be included at each meeting. The meetings are held via videoconference. 


Application Process:  If you wish to be a member of the Advisory Committee, please complete and return to OAH during an announced application period the  application along with a one-page statement of interest describing your experience and interest in the Committee.  Failure to submit a complete application or statement of interest may result in the application not being considered.  OAH will announce the opening of an application period on this website page, on the featured news items on OAH's home page, as well as send out an announcement to all who have requested that their names be added to OAH's Special Education Division's List Serve.  


Selection Process:  Selection of the Advisory Committee members is at the discretion of the Office of Administrative Hearings.  Members will be selected based on their role in the special education process (e.g., parent, attorney for parents and students, district representative, etc.) and stated interest for serving on the Advisory Committee.


The next ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING is scheduled for FRIDAY june 17, 2022

The next Advisory Committee meeting will be held on Friday, June 17, 2022, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm by video conference. A link to access the meeting by video conference will be provided at a later date.


Will be provided at a later date



The Advisory Committee Meeting will be held by videoconference.

If you wish to request a reasonable accommodation for a disability, will require a language interpreter, or just have a question, please email SE Operations at OAHSEOps@dgs.ca.gov.  Requests for a reasonable accommodation or a language interpreter need to be made 10 business days before the Advisory Committee Meeting as additional time to arrange the requested accommodation or language interpreter may be required.