What documents do I need to file a complaint under the PWCA program?

  1. Complete a Complaint Form; parties may use the optional Office of Administrative Hearings' (OAH) Forms OAH-34 and OAH-35.
  2. Locate the Correct Filing Fee based on the PWCA Filing Fee Schedule.
  3. Complete a proof of service and send the complaint to the respondent and all interested parties.

How do I file a PWCA Complaint in Arbitration with Office of Administrative Hearings?

  1. The Complaint in Arbitration, accompanying documents, and Proof of Service may be filed at OAH Secure e-File. Select Public Works Contract Arbitration for Program and Office tab.

  2. PWCA filing fees may be paid by U.S.mail, electronic check, or by credit card. A fee does apply for payment made by credit card.

    For more information on making a PWCA filing fee payment see the Pay Filing Fee for a PWCA Case page which may be accessed the PWCA Filing Fee Schedule.

    Please Note: Complaints will not be considered filed until the complaint in arbitration, proof of service and correct filing fee have been received by OAH.

What happens after filing?

Once the complaint in arbitration has been filed, parties will receive correspondence from OAH acknowledging receipt of the complaint and steps to continue with arbitration.


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