State and local agencies throughout California are able to retain OAH services. The services include administrative hearings, mediations, arbitrations, and other dispute resolution processes conducted by experienced Administrative Law Judges.  For more information about retaining OAH click here.

Your right and the process for requesting a hearing depends on the type of case you have.

Licensing Discipline Cases:  If you hold a license, certificate or permit issued by one of California’s many licensing boards or bureaus, and you have received notification of a disciplinary action against you, review and follow the instructions from the board or bureau about how to request a hearing.

Department of Developmental Services (Regional Center) Cases:  If you are a consumer wishing to challenge a decision or action by a Regional Center, you must file your request with the Regional Center.  For more information about the Department of Developmental Services hearings, click here .

Department of Child Support Services Child Support Complaints:  If you wish to request a hearing against a local child support agency about the child support collection process, you must file your complaint with the Department of Child Support Services.  For more information about Department of Child Support Services hearings, click here.

Teacher Disciplinary Actions by School Districts:  If you are a permanent teacher who has been suspended by your employing school district, you may have a right to file a motion for immediate reversal of suspension.  For more information about Teacher Dismissal Proceedings, click here.

Local Agency Administrative Matters:  OAH contracts with many cities, counties, and other local authorities to provide hearing and dispute resolution services.  If you have a case with a local government agency, carefully review the appeal procedures and hearing information provided by that agency.

For questions about your specific case, contact your local OAH office at:

Sacramento Office  (916) 263-0550

Los Angeles (213) 576-7200

Oakland (510) 622-2722

San Diego (619) 525-4475