If you are not represented by an attorney, you can represent yourself at a General Jurisdiction hearing at OAH.   Please watch the YouTube videos OAH has provided to see how a General Jurisdiction hearing works.  
The purpose of this page is to explain the basics of representing yourself at an administrative hearing.  What happens in your hearing may be a little different from the description here.  This will depend on the type of hearing, the unique circumstances of your case, and the agency that made the decision from which you are appealing.  

Self-represented parties are strongly encouraged to file documents electronically through the Office of Administrative Hearings Secure E-Filing.  However, you may also file documents by mail, or hand-delivery to the appropriate Office of Administrative Hearings office location.

For information and guidelines on E-Filing click here.

For questions about your specific case, contact your local OAH office at:

Sacramento Office  (916) 263-0550

Los Angeles (213) 576-7200

Oakland (510) 622-2722

San Diego (619) 525-4475


Secure e-File Transfer (SFT) system

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