Any applicant or client of the Vocational Rehabilitation or Independent Living Services programs who is dissatisfied with any action/denial of the DOR relative to his/her application for services shall have an opportunity to request a mediation and/or fair hearing.  OAH has contracted with DOR to conduct these mediations and fair hearings requested by appellants.  The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who hears the case is an impartial judge employed by OAH.


Mediation is an option for resolving disputes with the DOR. Mediation is a voluntary problem-solving process, assisted by qualified, impartial mediators from the Office of Administrative Hearings. The goals of mediation are to fully describe both sides of the conflict, explore options for resolving the problem and reach mutually satisfactory solutions. Mediation services are free to applicants, eligible individuals and consumers. A party may bring a representative for support during mediation.


A hearing can be requested within one year of the DOR action or decision, or within thirty days from receipt of a written Administrative Review decision from DOR.  DOR hearings are heard by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) from one of our four offices.  The hearings usually will take place at the local District Office and are in person. After the hearing takes place, the ALJ will render a decision on whether the DOR actions or decisions are in accordance with the law. A DOR hearing generally is set within 60 days from the date the request is received unless the parties agree to a later date. At the hearing, the parties  may represent themselves or may be accompanied by a representative of your choice. 

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