DSA certifies project inspectors and testing lab facilities for use on projects over which DSA has jurisdiction. DSA also conducts other certification programs, such as the Certified Access Specialist program (CASp), and certification of gas shutoff valves for residential use.

For more information on these DSA programs, including the process for becoming a DSA certified inspector or materials testing laboratory, visit the appropriate pages listed below.

DSA administers the Gas Shutoff Valve Certification program for certification of automatic gas shutoff valves used in residential structures.

Information on locating a certified gas shutoff valve is located on the Databases and Listings webpage.

Information on achieving certification for a gas shutoff valve is located on the Apply for Gas Shutoff Valve Certification webpage. 

DSA administers the Laboratory Evaluation and Acceptance program to evaluate laboratories for structural testing and special inspection services. Laboratory facilities that have been evaluated and accepted by DSA to perform services on school projects can be found on the following list: List of DSA Accepted Testing Laboratories (in the DSA Tracker website).

Information on achieving certification for a facility is located on the Become and Maintain Approved Laboratory Status webpage. 

Inspectors are certified by the Division of the State Architect (DSA) and then approved to work on specific projects. DSA certifies several types of school construction inspectors:

Information on hiring a Certified Project Inspector is located on the Databases and Listings webpage.

Assembly Bill (AB) 1424 (Chapter 455, Statutes of 2011) requires state agencies that license or approve applicants for work to collect social security/tax identification numbers for comparison with the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) and the Board of Equalization (BOE) list of top 500 tax delinquencies. Any applicant that appears on the list of the top 500 tax delinquencies for either FTB or BOE will have 90 days to resolve the tax delinquency, or not be licensed or approved.

The following DSA programs are subject to these requirements:

  • Certified Access Specialist ProgramGas Shut Off Valve Program
  • Laboratory Evaluation and Acceptance Program
  • Masonry Inspector Certification/Recertification
  • Project Inspector Certification/Recertification Program
  • Shotcrete Inspector Certification/Recertification

DSA collects social security/tax identification numbers when applicants apply for certification/approval or recertification/renewal. DSA requires a supplemental form to be included with the application package that contains the information required by AB 1424. Each applicant must only file the form once; it is required with your application if you have not sent the information previously.

Include the completed and signed form DSA 650: Disclosure of Social Security Number and/or Federal Taxpayer Identification Number with your application, if you have not submitted it previously.

For reference, current FTB and BOE lists are available:

SB 1469 (Chapter 747, Statutes of 2000) provided that certain relocatable buildings with a commercial coach insignia of approval from the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) could continue to be used for school purposes if they were retrofitted in accordance with stated requirements. The bill required school districts to certify to DSA that these HCD buildings comply with the requirements, and, thus, can continue to be used for school purposes until a specified period of time.

Subsequent legislation, SB 1324 (Chapter 308, Statutes of 2006) required the governing board of the school district to adopt a resolution by October 30, 2015, certifying to the State Allocation Board that commencing September 30, 2015, these HCD buildings are no longer being used as school buildings. On or around January 18, 2013, the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC), as staff to the State Allocation Board, issued a letter to all school districts informing them of the requirements of SB 1324.

To determine if HCD buildings were previously reported to DSA, as part of SB 1469 program, school districts may contact OPSC to obtain copies of available SB 1469 Certification of Compliance documents. Any HCD buildings reported by districts are subject to the requirements of SB 1324 and must be certified as “no longer in use for school purposes” by September 30, 2015.

The DSA no longer administers the program to certify the use of DOH/HCD buildings for school purposes. Forms DSA 122 and DSA 123 were used by the DSA, when it administered the SB 1469 program, to capture Inspector report information and issue certificates of compliance. These forms are inactive and are no longer carried on the DSA forms page.

For more information on how to comply with SB 1324, please contact the OPSC at (916) 376-1771.

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