DSA is postponing the May 2020 Project Inspector Recertification Class and Examination as well as the Project Inspector Overview Class. In order to allow project inspectors to retain their valid certification status and continue working, DSA will extend certification expirations for those which would expire if the May classes did not occur. The six-month extension period specified in PL 19-01: Project Inspector Certification Extension will be correspondingly extended for those individuals with certifications expiring prior to the May offerings now postponed. Further details regarding the rescheduled dates will be provided at a later time.


Construction projects under DSA jurisdiction which continue during this health crisis shall comply with all California Administrative Code (CAC) inspection and testing requirements; no construction can continue without CAC-required inspection and testing.


If the school district or owner desires to continue construction but inspection or testing services cannot be provided by contracted parties approved or accepted by DSA (e.g., DSA-certified and approved project inspectors, DSA-approved special inspectors not employed by the laboratory of record [LOR], the DSA-accepted LOR, etc.), the school district or owner must contact the DSA District Structural Engineer (DSE). The DSE will attempt to assist the district in locating available project inspectors or special inspectors and expedite the processing of the inspector approvals. However, an order to comply or stop work in accordance with IR A-13: Stop Work and Order to Comply will be issued if construction continues without compliant testing and inspection.


Please direct any questions to the applicable DSA Regional Office