The DSA 810: Fire & Life Safety Site Conditions Submittal form has been revised in both format and process.

The project design professional (AOR/EOR) will still be responsible for contacting the local fire authority (LFA) either by phone, email or in-person, to determine/verify if school sites are located within designated hazardous fire areas, and obtaining water supply availability information.

In addition to this, the AOR/EOR will be now responsible for verifying design compliance with CCR Title 19 and the California Fire Code (CFC) for fire apparatus access, and CFC compliance for required fire flow (CFC Appendix BB) and fire hydrant location and number (CFC Appendix CC) as this will no longer be the responsibility of the LFA. Where the AOR/EOR finds that fire apparatus access and water supply for a school site is not in compliance with CCR Title 19 and CFC requirements, the revised DSA 810 provides opportunity for the AOR/EOR to propose design alternate means and methods for fire apparatus access and water supply without having to utilize the formal process outlined in DSA procedure PR 18-01: Request for Alternate Design, Materials and Methods of Construction.

Additionally, the instructions for completing the DSA 810 have been incorporated directly into the document, so they are no longer separate. It is hoped that these changes will reduce the design impact and time on the AOR/EOR in developing project plans.