The Division of the State Architect (DSA) is pleased to announce that DSA Academy Classes (Accessibility, Project Inspector, and Structural classes) and the Project Inspector (PI) Recertification Examination are now available online through the new Learning Management System (LMS).

Classes offered through the LMS are designed to provide learners with the flexibility to complete courses online and at times and locations that fit their personal schedule. Course delivery methods include live and on-demand webinars. For the PI Recertification Examination, the LMS allows location flexibility as well as multiple test dates and times with virtual proctoring during regular business hours by DSA Staff.

Visit the DSA Academy Webpage for information about registration. If you need assistance, please use the DSA Academy User Guide. For an optimal experience, please use the Google Chrome web browser. Internet Explorer is not supported. For DSA Academy related questions please contact

Visit the Recertification section of the Project Inspector Certification webpage for further detailed information about the PI Recertification Examination. As a reminder, if you have paid for a previously postponed Project Inspector Recertification, please contact the DSA Project Inspector Unit at or 916-443-9932.

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