The Division of the State Architect (DSA) has revised its date for the launch of the new DSA Academy on a new Learning Management System (LMS) platform called Cornerstone. The new launch date is July 30, 2021. This delay is due to circumstances out of DSA’s control and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

The new DSA Academy LMS is much more user-friendly, intuitive, and has enhanced features not presently available on the current Blackboard platform.  As a result of this transition, DSA will discontinue use of Blackboard as DSA’s LMS platform on August 30, 2021 and important information is provided in this notice for those who are about to register or have partially completed courses. 

In preparation for the transition to the new DSA Academy Cornerstone LMS, DSA has extended the registration deadline to July 12, 2021 for all currently offered on-demand courses in the DSA Academy Blackboard LMS. Learners will not be able to sign up for the following on-demand courses in Blackboard LMS after the registration deadline:                         

2019 CBC Amendments - Structural Safety 
DSA Structural Plan Review - 2019 CBC 
DSA Recertification Seminar
DSA Project Inspector Overview - With Fee 
DSA Project Inspector Overview (Prepaid)

If you register or are currently registered for one or more of the courses listed above prior to the July 12, 2021 registration deadline, you will have until August 30, 2021 to complete your course.  You will only receive course credit for courses completed on or before August 30, 2021. Partial progress will not be tracked nor transferred to the new DSA Academy LMS.

Summary of Dates:

Registration Deadline for courses on DSA Academy Blackboard LMS–July 12, 2021
Launch of new DSA Academy on Cornerstone LMS–July 30, 2021
Discontinuation of old DSA Academy on Blackboard LMS–August 30, 2021

If you are not currently registered for courses, DSA recommends waiting until launch of the new DSA Academy LMS.  Updated instructions and links to the new system will be provided on the DSA website closer to the July 30, 2021 launch date.

If you are currently registered for courses but prefer to start your course on the new DSA Academy LMS, please contact, with subject line to read ATTN: Katy Iverson by July 12, 2021 to request transfer of courses to the new DSA Academy LMS.

Please direct any additional questions regarding this transition to the DSA LMS Help Group


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