2019 Annual Report to the Legislature: 10-Year Anniversary Edition


This report provides data that includes a list of the top 10 most frequent types of accessibility alleged violations, the ZIP codes and frequency of filed complaints. View the full report on the Legislative Reports Page.


Highlights - In 2019, the Commission:


  • Utilized legal research and geographical information systems tools which uncovered key policy issues such as website accessibility and other pressing topics facing our stakeholders, as well as potential construction-related accessibility claims filed by pro se litigants.

  • Developed and implemented phase two of the Electronic Data Collection Project to make the submission process more efficient and environmentally friendly. This project allows the legal community to submit claims electronically to the Commission through a secure database and web-based forms.

  • Completed a strategic planning process through collaboration between an external consultant, staff, and commissioners to reprioritize and affirm the Commission’s goals and objectives over the next five years.

  • With support from external partners, conducted the final two of three restaurant industry-focused outreach events in the Northern California and Southern California regions to promote and facilitate disability access compliance.


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