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Building Standards Nine-Point Criteria

Health and Safety Code Section 18930(a) reads:

(a) Any building standard adopted or proposed by state agencies shall be submitted to, and approved or adopted by, the California Building Standards Commission prior to codification. Prior to submission to the commission, building standards shall be adopted in compliance with the procedures specified in Article 5 (commencing with Section 11346) of Chapter 3.5 of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code. Building standards adopted by state agencies and submitted to the commission for approval shall be accompanied by an analysis written by the adopting agency or state agency that proposes the building standards which shall, to the satisfaction of the commission, justify the approval thereof in terms of the following criteria:

(1) The proposed building standards do not conflict with, overlap, or duplicate other building standards.

(2) The proposed building standard is within the parameters established by enabling legislation and is not expressly within the exclusive jurisdiction of another agency.

(3) The public interest requires the adoption of the building standards. The public interest includes, but is not limited to, health and safety, resource efficiency, fire safety, seismic safety, building and building system performance, and consistency with environmental, public health, and accessibility statutes and regulations.

(4) The proposed building standard is not unreasonable, arbitrary, unfair, or capricious, in whole or in part.

(5) The cost to the public is reasonable, based on the overall benefit to be derived from the building standards.

(6) The proposed building standard is not unnecessarily ambiguous or vague, in whole or in part.

(7) The applicable national specifications, published standards, and model codes have been incorporated therein as provided in this part, where appropriate.

(A) If a national specification, published standard, or model code does not adequately address the goals of the state agency, a statement defining the inadequacy shall accompany the proposed building standard when submitted to the commission.

(B) If there is no national specification, published standard, or model code that is relevant to the proposed building standard, the state agency shall prepare a statement informing the commission and submit that statement with the proposed building standard.

(8) The format of the proposed building standards is consistent with that adopted by the commission.

(9) The proposed building standard, if it promotes fire and panic safety, as determined by the State Fire Marshal, has the written approval of the State Fire Marshal.

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