code adoption proposals for commission review and approval

Meeting Notice and Agenda, April 17, 2019

Approved Meeting Minutes

The commission heard, discussed, deliberated and/or took an action upon the agenda items listed in this notice. The public was invited to attend and provide their input or comments.  

For documents pertaining to the Commission Meeting's Approved Standards please contact CBSC.

Emergency Building Standards Readoption

2019-Emergency-Building-Standards-for-the-2016-California-Building-Standards-Code Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development—OSHPD

OSHPD EF 01/18:

OSPHD requests to readopt emergency administrative building standards for hospital seismic safety upgrade extensions for the 2016 California Administrative Code, Part 1 of Title 24, California Code of Regulations.

See Emergency Rulemaking page. 

Rulemaking Activities

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  • Emergency Rulemaking

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Video of the April 17, 2019 Commission Meeting

Commission Review Meetings

Proposing agencies are required to ensure adequate public participation in the development of building standards; to ensure satisfactory technical review and sufficient time for such review by code advisory committees; and to ensure notice to the public of code change submittals prior to adoption by the CBSC. In addition to the rulemaking documents below, the 9-point criteria used to determine if a building standard is justified (HS. Code, § 18930) and the agency's Economic and Fiscal Impact Statement (Form 399) are available for each of the proposals upon request.


  • Final Express Terms (FET) 
  • Final Statement of Reasons (FSOR) 
  • Updated Informative Digest (UID) 
  • Commission Action Matrix: Green- Uncontested Items; Yellow- Challenged Items; Salmon- Withdrawn/No Action Required

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