Michael Novang Head Shot

Michael Novang joined the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) as an Office Technician in October 2021. His duties include managing the reception desk and phones, processing and logging incoming and outgoing mail, and assisting with preparation for CBSC’s public meetings.

Before joining CBSC, Michael worked in a variety of administrative, clerical and temporary positions, including as a medical support assistant, a mental health worker, a receptionist and a laboratory helper. He also volunteered extensively with his college’s Circle K International organization (a collegiate group under the umbrella of Kiwanis International) and served as an Administrative Vice President.

Michael was born in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to California at a young age. He has since lived in Sacramento, while experiencing the breadth of northern and southern California. These days, Michael finds his relaxation time is best used quietly and peacefully. He enjoys video games, comic and manga culture, Dungeons & Dragons, exercising, creative writing, cooking, TV and light novels, along with many other activities.