Affordable Housing Development
Affordable Housing Development.

Development of State Owned Property


To address the shortage of housing for Californians, Governor Newsom ordered the Department of General Services (DGS) and the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to identify and prioritize excess state-owned property and aggressively pursue sustainable, innovative, cost-effective housing projects.

Published Inventory of Excess Land:

DGS and HCD are proud to announce publication of a GIS-enabled, searchable, and fully interactive map of excess state property. Over 44,000 parcels were reviewed, and the map reflects those properties that have been declared excess by state departments and deemed potentially suitable for housing. Please be aware that the identified parcels are subject to change, and the state expects sites to be added to, or redacted from, the map from time to time.

To view the fully interactive map, please visit the Affordable Housing GIS Map Viewer page or click on the image below. 

Image of Affordable Housing Map Viewer Tool for California 




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Department of General Services
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